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Purradise Large Cat Enclosure
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Huge Castle Cat Run

Huge Castle Cat Run

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When your feline companion becomes an integral part of your family, you naturally want the best for them. You envision a life where they can freely roam outdoors, yet also find comfort and safety indoors. We offer the ideal solution with our top-of-the-line outdoor cat enclosures and runs. Our products bridge the gap between safety and freedom, granting you peace of mind.

The Benefits of Owning an Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Safety Above All

The world can be a dangerous place for a curious cat. From speeding cars to predatory animals, numerous hazards can put your feline friend at risk. Our enclosures act as a secure fortress, keeping your cat safe while allowing them to enjoy the great outdoors.

Freedom Without Worry

Cats are natural explorers. They love to climb, hunt, and investigate their surroundings. Our spacious enclosures offer your cat the freedom to roam without the risks associated with free-ranging.

Physical and Mental Well-being

An active cat is a healthy cat. The multi-level design of our enclosures provides ample opportunities for exercise, from climbing ramps to jumping between platforms. This physical activity is not just good for their muscles; it also stimulates their minds, keeping them engaged and happy.

Stress Reduction

Cats can be sensitive to changes in their environment, leading to stress and anxiety. A dedicated outdoor space where they feel safe can significantly reduce these stress levels, improving their overall well-being.

Features That Set Us Apart

Spacious and Comfortable

Our large outdoor cat enclosures are designed with your cat's comfort in mind. The big and tall structure ensures that your feline friend has plenty of room to move around, stretch, and play.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

The beautiful wood colour or white and dark grey colour scheme of our enclosures is not just for show; it also serves a functional purpose. The light colours reflect sunlight, keeping the enclosure cooler in the hot Australian summers.

Quality You Can Trust

Constructed from tough, quality fir wood and coated with safe, non-toxic paint, our enclosures are built to last. The premium PVC roof or insulated
asphalt roof offers anti-UV protection, and the 12 mm thickness adds an extra layer of durability.

Security Measures

Our enclosures come with strong mesh wire and doors to ensure that your cat remains safely inside while keeping potential predators at bay.

Easy Assembly

We know that your time is valuable. That's why our enclosures come with preassembled panels and a detailed instruction manual, complete with nuts and bolts for quick and easy assembly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're so confident in the quality and durability of our outdoor cat enclosures that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, including the cost of your delivery. If you're not completely satisfied, we will pay for the returning cost, and we'll refund you in full, no questions asked making your investment risk-free.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure FAQs

How Much Does a Outdoor Catio / Outdoor Cat Enclosure Cost?

Our extensive range of high-quality enclosures for cats come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. This means that our prices range from as little as $239 to $1148 for the top of the line model – the Super Castle Walk In large Cat Enclosure. It all depends on what is going to suit your kitten best. The more expensive range comes with a lot more space, which is great for particularly active cats that prefer a bit more freedom to run around and play.

How Do You Keep a Cat in Your Yard?

When it comes to the safety of your cat, one of the best ways to make sure that they're protected from wildlife is by purchasing an enclosure. Outdoor cat enclosure is a popular option in Australia as more and more cat owners are prioritizing the safety of their cats. With enclosures for cats, your cat has the freedom to play in your backyard, without there being any risk of getting injured or hurt by wildlife. An enclosure is like a spacious room that can provide both safety and entertainment for your favorite pet. All of our outdoor spaces for cats come in a variety of different sizes, at competitive price points.

What Do You Put in a Cat Enclosure?

You can put whatever you like in an enclosure for cats – from decorating them with their favorite toys to a cat hammock, there are all different types of accessories that we offer, which fit in perfectly with an outdoor cat house. The best part is that we design all of our enclosures for cats to fit in with your existing architecture and décor, whatever that may be. Because there's a good chance that your cat is both active and playful, you may want to consider placing a scratching post in your catio, as well as a pop-up tunnel that they can explore when they’re in a particularly playful mood.

Can Cats Live in a Cat Enclosure?

One thing that makes our catios special for your cats is that they won’t be deprived of any space. This means that there’s no reason why your cats can’t live in their cat enclosure for the most part, especially if you choose a larger option. It all comes down to their personal preferences. If your cat likes to run around and play a lot, then they’ll most likely be suited to a more spacious design. Your cat can lead a very exciting, fulfilling life in their catio. This is because our unique designs offer an ‘outdoor’ run area for them to roam around in, as well as a sheltered area where they can curl up and sleep if they wish. Catio Australia provide everything your cat could need to not only survive but thrive.

What types of accessories can be included in a catio to enhance my cat's outdoor experience?

To elevate your catio experience, consider adding a variety of accessories that cater to your cat's physical and mental well-being. Install cat trees / cat scratchers and ledges for climbing, along with cozy cat hammock and cushions for relaxation. Interactive toys like feather wands, tunnels, and sisal balls can keep your feline friend entertained, while a small pot of catnip or cat grass offers natural enrichment. For safety and comfort, include a water fountain for hydration, food dishes for treats, and a litter box for extended stays. You might also add a bird feeder placed at a safe distance for observational entertainment. These additions not only make the catio a more stimulating environment but also a safe and comfortable outdoor haven for your cat. From running around and jumping to chasing insects, your cat is still going to get plenty of exercise in their cat enclosure. For your precious pet, it’s just like being outside – except they benefit from the additional shelter, shade from the sun, fresh air, and. One of the best parts of owning a cat enclosure for your cat is that you won’t have to worry about car traffic, or them getting into trouble with your neighbor’s pets. You can put your mind at ease knowing that your kitten is safe and sound, happily playing inside their own home. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us Convenient Ordering and Nationwide Delivery

Our online store makes it easy for you to find and purchase the perfect enclosure for your cat. We offer a variety of payment options, including credit card, bank transfer, AfterPay, ZipPay, and PayPal. We believe that every cat owner in Australia should have access to our premium outdoor enclosure. That's why we offer Australia-wide shipping. Whether you're in bustling Sydney or the serene Outback, our top-of-the-line products will reach your doorstep, hassle-free.

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